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Longer Eyelashes in a Bottle?

Can longer eyelashes come in a bottle? If you use Latisse, then yes! Many women are raving about the great effects of this solution which helps patients grow eyelashes that are longer and thicker in two months. Gordon and Weiss Vision Institute believes that Latisse is a great way to get naturally beautiful eyelashes without having to resort to daily cosmetics.

Latisse has also proven to be safe and FDA approved. The eyelash solution comes in a small drop bottle.  It is then applied with a brush once a day to ensure incremental growth. In two months a majority of Latisse users saw visible results.

One of the great benefits of Latisse is that almost anyone is qualified to use it.  Latisse is available by prescription only. Our doctors at Gordon and Weiss Vision Institute can let you know if you are a candidate for Latisse – make an appointment and start growing longer, thicker lashes today!

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