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Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute featured on American Health Journal

GBW Vision is now featured on PBS’s American Health Journal. One of the procedures that is discussed is our Progressive Multifocal LASIK with IntraLase (PML), which is a groundbreaking technique that allows our doctors to perform laser vision surgery for people who wear reading or progressive eyeglasses or contact lenses to see up close. In addition to this exciting new vision correction procedure, other surgery options such as implantable contact lenses, cataract surgery and Custom PRK are also presented.

GBW Vision offers Custom PRK as an alternative to LASIK, because as everyone’s eyes are different, so are the appropriate procedures to correct vision. Custom PRK is better for those who have existing eye problems or a thin cornea. If it’s hard to visualize how LASIK and PRK work our Health Journal spot shows these surgeries in amazing detail.

If that isn’t interesting enough, you can also see a live surgery on the TV spot as well!

Our segment also shows some interesting features of GBW Vision. One of the great characteristics about our sunny San Diego office is that is it a one stop destination for all eye needs. Our diagnostic, surgery, and optical center are all in the same location, making it easy for anyone to come and see the step-by-step process that GBW takes its patients through.

Interested in knowing more? You can view our feature on Cox Cable 4 Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings at 10:00pm. Visit us at www.seeasyoungasyoufeel.com or on YouTube.

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